Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Update | May 25, 2020

Sales and showing numbers in the Tampa Bay Area are up again! In addition, open houses are back! Keith shares recent statistics to keep you informed on the local real estate market.

Video Transcript Below-

What is up, everybody! Keith Jamison with the Jamison Team here at Lipply Real Estate. It is Monday, May 25 and I am here with your Tampa Bay Area Real Estate update. So first off, I want wish everybody a happy Memorial Day. Hope you all are enjoying the day and staying safe. Let's jump right into the numbers and for new listings, pendings, and solds across Tampa Bay, we are once again up. This makes a lot of sense considering the stay at home orders are even being more and more lifted across the area, and those people that at the beginning of the year were really wanting to buy and had to take a quick break with everything going on, or it's buyers that are seeing some of the lowest rates in history, the buying power that low rates give them and they're out looking for homes. We can see that people being out is once again reflected in the showing time data. We're actually only down 6.3% from this time last year. Given that 2019 was a really good year in real estate and that everything we've gone through in 2020, this is pretty incredible to see us that close. Finally, open houses are, well, they're open again. Florida realtors has released agents ability to go back on the MLS and advertise open houses. They are asking that agents do a number of things to maintain safety during these events, such as having personal protective equipment available for those that don't have it, making sure that social distancing is enforced, and other safety precautions. Hopefully, this will even get more and more buyers out that are looking for homes and continue this upward trend of real estate. If you do have any questions about any of these statistics, the market, or anything else we could help with, please reach out to Jillian and I. We will be happy to assist. Once again, my name's Keith Jamison with the Jamison Team at Lipply Real Estate and we're opening the door to your next home. Take care, and see you next week.

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